Compo Expert Basfoliar Algae Sl Bio-Stimulates, Based On Durvillea Antartica Seaweed Extract, Plus Essential Minerals
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Foliar fertilizer based on Durvillea antartica seaweed extract, plus essential minerals.

  • Soluble liquid formulation that promotes plant growth and vigor.

  • Supplemented with nutrients and amino acids

  • Effective in recovering from stressful situations

  • Basfoliar Algae SL is a concentrated extract of natural Chilean seaweed (Durvillea Antarctica) produced with high efficiency and quality techniques.

  • Basfoliar Algae SL has been supplemented with nutrients and amino acids and also contains carbohydrates, minerals, phytohormones, amino acids, and vitamins, all perfectly balanced.

  • Basfoliar Algae SL stimulates the plant's metabolism and balances its physiological functions at the cellular level. In this way, it bio-stimulates the plant

  • Increasing plant development

  • Recovering from various types of stress: spring fever, drought, flooding, frost, transplanting, herbicide applications.

  • Achieving high-quality fruits and vegetables

  • Achieving plant growth, in spite of overloads.

  • Achieving good development in sowing or late planting.

  • Basfoliar Algae SL is an ecological and biodegradable product, it has no deficiency restrictions.

  • Basfoliar Algae SL is considered non-toxic to plants and animals.

  • Therefore, for the handling of the product, it is necessary to follow the precautions of use of the phytosanitary products with which Basfoliar Algae SL has been mixed.

6% w/vTotal nitrogen
3% w/vPhosphorus
5% w/vPotassium
0.56% w/vMagnesium
0.08% w/vboron
0.06% w/vzinc
0.06% w/vmanganese
tracesiron, copper, molybdenum
0.48% w/vsulfur
3.52% w/vtotal carbohydrates
4.9% w/vfucose
80.4% w/vmannuronic ac.
2.1% w/vmannose* mannose* mannose* mannose* mannose* mannose

12.6% w/v

0.9% w/vamino acids


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