Ecotika Combo of Castor seed meal 5Kg Rock Phosphate 1Kg and Sea weed 450 Gm Fit For Organic Use In Stock

Company / Manufacture Ecotika
Country of origin: India


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Combination of Best in class sources of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, and micronutrients.


Castor seed meal 5 Kg:- Castor Seed meal is Nitrogen-rich fertilizer with a typical NPK ratio of 4-1-1. Castor seed meal can be used when you want to maintain the pH of the soil. This is a dense source of Nitrogen and can supply 12 times more nitrogen as compared to Cow dung of similar quantity. Good source of food for soil bacteria, Earthworms, etc. Castor seed meal can be combined with other fertilizers to make a custom mix. Can be used for established lawns.

Rock Phosphate 1 Kg:- Phosphorite, phosphate rock, or rock phosphate is a nondetrital sedimentary rock that contains high amounts of phosphate minerals is one of the allowed components of the organic fertilizer regime. The phosphate content of phosphorite varies greatly, from 4% to 30% phosphorus pentoxide.

Seaweed 450 Gms:- 

Pickup address: House Number D-2, Plot no NU-10B Shaktinagar, Opp Lions club, Gandhidham, GUJARAT, 370201