Greatindos Premium Quality Calcium Nitrate Ca 18.80% , N 15.50% Fertilizer For Plants, Make The Soil Better For Crops.
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Greatindos Premium Quality Calcium Nitrate. 15.5:00:00 + 18.8 CA is another specialty fertilizer that uses calcium and nitrate to make the soil better for crops. It is a fertilizer made up of two nutrients, with a white granular appearance that dissolves quickly in water and can be absorbed rapidly by plants. It is a perfect combination of 15.5% in nitrate form that rapidly dissolves in water and 18.8% calcium. It promotes the healthy growth of the plant. The team differentiated by their imagination, knowledge, experience, and passion for agriculture brings to you innovative agro products.

Our competitiveness rest on the strong institutional strength derived from quality. We support individuals as well as enterprises to renew their existing landscapes and indoors, with live plants so that the surroundings look more beautiful and bring positivity.

How to use it.
1. Mix the fertilizer into the soil, being careful to keep it off of foliage, and water the area well to allow the nutrients to start seeping into the soil and get to plant roots. 
2. For a foiler spray to correct calcium deficiency and add 1 cup of calcium nitrate to 25 gallons of water. There are three ways gardeners apply calcium nitrate to their plants. Topically as a foiler spray, as a top dressing, or as a side dressing.

Pickup Address: BHILAI, CHHATTISGARH, 490025
MA 26 Padum nagar Near shiv mandir Bhilai 3 Bhilai nagar, charoda dist durg, BHILAI, BHILAI 3 charoda, chhattisgarh 490025
Address of origin: MA 26 Padum nagar Near shiv mandir Bhilai 3 Bhilai nagar, charoda dist durg, BHILAI, BHILAI 3 charoda, chhattisgarh 490025

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22nd September,2023

Best soil application

Basavaraj C Limbikai    Verified Buyers
27th January,2022

This product is good`

23rd August,2021

I need 20 kg calsium nitrate sir

Pravesh kumar