Bayer SOLOMON Beta Cyfluthrin + Imidacloprid 300 OD (8.49 + 19.81). Broad Spectrum Insecticides.
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Bayer Solomon - Beta Cyfluthrin + Imidacloprid 300 OD (8.49 + 19.81 % W/W), Combination of Systemic And Contact Properties, Broad-Spectrum Control

Solomon contains time-tested Imidacloprid and Beta-Cyfluthrin in an innovative oil dispersion formulation. It has a combination of systemic and contact properties which gives quick knockdown and anti-feeding effects. It is thus a broad-segment insecticide for sucking and biting pests. The oil dispersion based on Q-TEC formulation ensures better rain fastness, optimized retention, and penetration activity.


Beta-Cyfluthrin is an insecticide of the synthetic pyrethroid group. Beta-Cyfluthrin is acting by contact and ingestion. It acts on the insect's nervous system as a sodium channel blocker. In the pest, rapid excitation and impairment of coordination are the first visible symptoms of intoxication, followed by knock-down and death. Imidacloprid is an antagonist to the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor in the central nervous system. It disturbs the proper signal transmission system leading to the excitation of the nerve cells. Consequently, a disorder of the nervous system occurs leading finally to the death of the treated insect.

Insecticide Resistance Action Committee (IRAC) Classification No. Beta-Cyfluthrin 3 A; Imidacloprid 4 A


  • It has systemic and contact properties that give a quick knockdown and anti-feeding effects
  • Suitable for low-volume application and has a broad spectrum of control with activity in all insect stages
  • The oil dispersion based on Q-TEC formulation ensures better rain fastness, optimized retention, and penetration activity

Dosage: 0.75 mL/L - 1 mL/L

Pickup Address: BHILWARA, RAJASTHAN, 311001
Central Avenue, Hiranandani Estate, thane, Maharashtra 400607
Address of origin: Central Avenue, Hiranandani Estate, thane, Maharashtra 400607

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11 Satisfied Ratings
7th March,2024

Good result

SRS AGRO TRADES    Verified Buyers
10th January,2024

Got best result by this product ,thank you agribegri team for suggesting me this product.

Lximan Puvalla    Verified Buyers
30th December,2023

Good combination of insecticides.

Satya prakash    Verified Buyers
29th August,2023

Product usefullhe best result he

Deependra Meena    Verified Buyers
24th August,2023

Good for my crop

Shakuntala vilas hase    Verified Buyers
17th August,2023

Very nice product

Mohit mishra    Verified Buyers
9th August,2023

Very good service

Siraj Tambe    Verified Buyers
7th August,2023

Product is good

Valluri Krishnakanth    Verified Buyers
4th April,2023

Solomon customer good product

Sudhir kumar pandey    Verified Buyers
13th August,2021

Excellent White fly &Sucking pest control.

26th July,2021

Excellent matirial

P Subbarao