Bayer Profiler Fluopicolide 4.44% + Fosetyl-Al 66.67% ww WG Long Duration Control And Extremely Fast Action On Downy Mildew Fungus
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Technical Name:- Fluopicolide 4.44% + Fosetyl-Al 66.67% w/w WG

Bayer Profiler Long Duration Control And Extremely Fast Action On Downy Mildew Fungus

Profiler is a new combination of a fungicide containing Fluopicolide and Fosetyl for controlling Downy Mildew disease in Grapes. It provides longer duration control with its unique and new mode of action.

Profiler has a complete systemic, contact, and translaminar activity. Delocalization of spectrin-like proteins from the cell periphery into the cytoplasm. This effect is very quick and has not been observed with other Oomycete fungicides.

Interacts with key steps of the fungus life cycle.

Strong and quick effect on zoospores having curative and anti-sporulate activity.


  • Long-duration disease control and extremely fast action on downy mildew fungus.
  • Direct and indirect effects with stimulation of natural defense system and provides immunity to plants to fight diseases
  • Provides excellent protection of new leaves and hidden bunches.
  • A new mode of action and controls knew resistant strains of other high-risk chemistries hence the minimum risk of resistance development.
  • Outstanding protection during the sensitive flowering stage.

Profiler is recommended to be applied from 3 to 4 leaf stage after pruning or as soon as Downy Mildew symptoms are seen. It is the most suitable option at the most sensitive flowering stage and can be repeated 2 to 3 times in a season with 10 to 15-day intervals depending upon disease severity.

Crop Target Disease
 Grapes Downy Mildew


Dosage:- 1-1.5 gm/liter

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