Bayer Momiji Pyroxasulfone 85% WG, Pre Emergence Herbicide, Excellent Crop Safety for Wheat.
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Company / Manufacture Bayer CropScience Ltd
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Technical Name:- Pyroxasulfone 85% WG

Momiji is a selective, pre-emergence herbicide containing 85% (w/w) of Pyroxasulfone active ingredientIt controls Phalaris minor - the main problematic weed in wheat. Pyroxasulfone belongs to new calls of chemistry with outstanding residual action providing season-long weed control.

Pyroxasulfone treatment drastically reduces the biosynthesis of very long-chain fatty acids(VLCFAs) and causes a build-up of fatty acid precursors. Pyroxasulfone specifically inhibits many elongation steps.



Long residual Phalaris control
High productivity as a result of saved labor, time (& water)
Help minimize or simplify the post-emergent herbicide application

Excellent crop safety:-
Momiji to be used in wheat crop @ 60 gm per acre during 0-3 days after sowing for effective control of Phalaris Minor.

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