Dr. Bacto's Bactus 4K Bacillus Subtilis Bio-Fungicide, Inhibits Growth of Plant Fungal Pathogens and Helps to Enhance the Growth and Immunity of Plant
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Company / Manufacture Anand Agro Care Nashik
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Product Description:

Dr. Bacto’s Bactus 4K is an ecofriendly bio-fungicide containing bacteria Bacillus subtilis. It inhibits growth of plant fungal pathogens and helps to enhance the growth and immunity of plants.

CFU/gm (Minimum) - 5 × 10^9 CFU/gm

Mode of Action: Microbial bio fungicides work through different mechanisms like,

• Competition: Competition with pathogenic fungi for critical nutrients or space and, therefore, inhibiting its growth.

• Antibiosis: Producing a chemical compound of some type (antibiotic or toxin) that acts against the pathogen.

• Predation or Parasitism: Directly attacking pathogenic fungi

• Induction of host plant resistance: Triggers a defensive response in the host plant that limits the ability of the pathogen to invade the plant.

• Inhibiting the mycelial growth and zoospore germination of pathogenic fungi.

Benefits: It plays a major role in the control of soil-borne fungal diseases on crops.

Recommended Crops: For all crops Packing Available: 1Kg, 500 gm, and 250 gm

Dosage: Soil Application – 1-1.5 Kg per hectare;

Foliar application – 1 gm per liter of water

4K Advantages

1. Having probiotic cultures manufactured by advanced production technology: All these 4K products are manufactured from probiotic organisms

2. Perfect and high cell count: - All 4K products contain microorganisms that are developed in spore forms; they can easily survive for a long duration even up to 2-3 years under natural conditions giving perfect cell count.

3. High Solubility: All these 4K products are easily soluble in the water this makes microorganisms reach in right quantity/availability to respective crops/plants.

4. Eco-friendly: Since these products are completely organic they are NOCA certified and are safe for the environment and human health.

Pickup Address: Nashik, MAHARASHTRA, 422003
Darpan sankul - B , Jadhav colony, oppt dream castle majhamal Gatt No 176/1, Talegaon(Dindori), Tal, Dindori Nashik, Maharashtra 422003
Address of origin: Darpan sankul - B , Jadhav colony, oppt dream castle majhamal Gatt No 176/1, Talegaon(Dindori), Tal, Dindori Nashik, Maharashtra 422003