Aries Trishool Neem Cake, It Is Totally Organic, Free From Chemicals And Animal Residues, Can be Used In Nurseries, Tower Beds, Kitchen Gardens
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Company / Manufacture Aries Agro limited
Country of origin: India




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Product Features

  • Light brown colored powder

  • It is totally organic, free from chemicals and animal residues

  • Can be used in nurseries, tower beds, kitchen gardens as well as commercial horticultural and plantation crops


  • Total Nitrogen as N min:1.50%

  • Total Phosphorus as P2O5 min:0.20%

  • Total Potash as K2Omin :0.50%

  • Total Carbon as C min: 23.0%

  • Total Moisture max:10.0%


  • Soil application @ 50-100kg per acre

Pickup Address: BINDKI, UTTAR PRADESH, 212635
Aries House, Plot No.24, Deonar, Govandi (East), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400043
Address of origin: Aries House, Plot No.24, Deonar, Govandi (East), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400043