Aries Fertimax NPK 12:61:00 (Mono Ammonium Phosphate) Fertilizer, It Helps Plants Absorb Phosphorus Quickly
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Mono Ammonium Phosphate (MAP) is a whitish crystalline powder, free of chloride and sodium in its formulation. It is the ideal bag to grab at the start of the season, just before and after seeding and planting or transplanting. It’s a highly efficient source of phosphorus as a phosphate, boosting your plants’ quick uptake. Select MAP also acidifies your soil, so phosphorus and micronutrients are more readily available, especially in calcareous soils.

It’s quick to dissolve, with no residue: ideal as a fertigation base, and you can also mix it with other single or compound fertilizers. As it is early on, it’s also handy at the flowering stage to prevent fruits from being aborted. This mono ammonium phosphate is about purity, so your crops get nothing but the best.

  • Moisture = max 0.5%

  • Ammoniacal Nitrogen = min.12%

  • Water soluble Phosphorous (as P2O5) = min. 61%

  • Matter insoluble in water = max. 0.5%

  • Sodium as NaCl = max. 0.5%


  • Ideal nitrogen and high-phosphor boost in the initial growth stage.

  • It helps plants absorb phosphorus quickly.

  • High purity: no contaminants, no residue.

  • Recommended dilution rate: 8-10 kg / 100 L water.

Pickup Address: BINDKI, UTTAR PRADESH, 212635
Aries House, Plot No.24, Deonar, Govandi (East), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400043
Address of origin: Aries House, Plot No.24, Deonar, Govandi (East), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400043