Aries Agro Fertimax PK NPK 00:52:34 (Mono Potassium) Water Soluble Fertilizer
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Company / Manufacture Aries Agro limited
Country of origin: India




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  • The highest Phosphorus concentrated fertilizer

  • Very low salt index.

  • Free of chlorine, sodium, and impurities, make the product is very safe for foliar applications or sprinkler irrigation without the risk of causing phytotoxicity or burning leaves.

  • Fertimax exerts a buffering effect which tends to stabilize the pH of the nutritive solutions

  • The absence of Nitrogen in Fertimax permits the application of the most appropriate ratio of P:K for different stages: rooting, flowering, fruit set or ripening and harvest, stages where lower level of Nitrogen is required.

Agronomical Advantages:-

1. Very pure free-flowing due to unique production process.
2. Maximum flexibility in the use of Nitrogen.
3. Maximum content safety.
4. Plant supporter when foliar is applied.
5. No ammonia; the best fit for hydroponic growing systems.
6. Ideal for open field fertigation.
7. Great crop starter, and flower initiation.
8. Ideal tank buffer.

Dosage:- Recommended dilution rate = 75 Gm Per Pump (16 Ltr Water)


  • Moisture = max. 0.5%

  • Water soluble Phosphorous (as P2O5) = min.52%

  • Water soluble Potassium (as K2O) = min 34%

  • Sodium (as NaCl) = max. 0.5%

Pickup Address: BINDKI, UTTAR PRADESH, 212635
Aries House, Plot No.24, Deonar, Govandi (East), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400043
Address of origin: Aries House, Plot No.24, Deonar, Govandi (East), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400043