Amruth Organic Herbs Kit, Garden Kit, Grow Your Own Herbs with Seeds, Coir Coin, Organic Manure, Pots, Nutritional and Protection Spray
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Experience the joy of growing your own herbs with our curated seeds: spinach, coriander, and methi. Complete with coir coins, organic manure, pots, naming stick, nutritional spray, protection spray, and a handy manual. Cultivate an herb garden that adds a burst of flavor and freshness to your culinary creations.

  • Bio Nutritional Liquid (Sprayer Bottle): Revolutionize your plant care routine with our Bio Nutritional Liquid! Packed with essential nutrients, this liquid nourishes your plants from root to tip, promoting healthy growth and lush foliage. The convenient sprayer bottle makes application a breeze, ensuring your plants receive the ideal dose of nutrition for their thriving well-being.
  • Bio-Protection Spray (Sprayer Bottle): Shield your precious plants with our Bio-Protection Spray! This powerful spray forms a protective barrier against pests and diseases, safeguarding your garden's health and vitality. With the ease of the sprayer bottle, you can effortlessly defend your plants from unwanted intruders, allowing them to flourish with peace of mind.
  • Spinach Seeds: Boost your meals with the goodness of Spinach! Each pack contains 20 high-quality spinach seeds, packed with essential nutrients like iron and vitamins. Experience the benefits of homegrown spinach, perfect for nutritious salads and wholesome dishes.
  • Coriander Seeds: Enhance your recipes with the aromatic flavors of Coriander! This pack includes 20 coriander seeds, allowing you to enjoy the distinctive taste and fragrance of freshly picked coriander leaves.
  • Methi Seeds: Discover the earthy goodness of Methi! With 20 methi seeds in each pack, you can effortlessly grow this nutritious herb known for its health benefits
  • Pots: Provide the perfect home for your growing plants with our sturdy pots! Crafted for optimal plant development, these pots offer ample space for root growth and ensure proper drainage for healthy soil conditions.
  • Organic Manure-1kg: Nourish your soil and promote abundant growth with our Organic Manure! This 1kg pack enriches your garden with natural nutrients, ensuring your plants receive the best foundation for vigorous development.
  • Coir Coins: Kickstart your planting journey with our Coir Coins! These expandable disks provide the ideal growing medium for your seeds and young plants, ensuring excellent aeration and moisture retention.
  • Manual Book for Instruction: Empower yourself with knowledge through our comprehensive manual book!
  • Plant Name Stick: Personalize your garden with these thoughtful name sticks

What’s in the Kit?

  1. Bio Nutritional Liquid (Sprayer Bottle)-200ml-1 Pcs
  2. Bio-Protection Spray (Sprayer Bottle)--200ml-1 Pcs
  3. Spinach- 20 Seeds - 1 Pcs
  4. Coriander - 20 Seeds - 1 Pcs
  5. Methi- 20 Seeds - 1 Pcs
  6. Pots-3 Pcs
  7. Organic Manure-1kg-1 Pcs
  8. Coir Coins-6pcs
  9. Manual Book For Instruction-1 Pcs
  10. Plant Name Stick-3 Pcs
Pickup Address: Holalkere, KARNATAKA, 577531
Amruth organic fertilizers, Malladihalli Post, Holalkere Taluk, Chitradurga District, Karnataka 577531
Address of origin: Amruth organic fertilizers, Malladihalli Post, Holalkere Taluk, Chitradurga District, Karnataka 577531