BOROFOL + Is an High Content of Amino Cheated Boron which Prevents and Cures Deficiency Symptoms of Boron, Increases Flowering and Fruit Setting In Stock





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Amino chelated boron for better fruit and flower settings.

Maltose Borofol+ (B) is Boron amino acid chelated produced through fermentation process. Malstose Borofol +, is an high content of amino cheated Boron which prevents and cures deficiency symptoms of boron and improves strength of cell wall, pollen tube germination, increases flowering and fruit setting , prevents fruit crack and increases fruit size.

Maltose Borofol + (Boron) is a micro nutrient that plays an important and essential role in the plant's growth. It  participates in the metabolism of nucleic acids and carbohydrates. It favors water and cations absorption. It also participates in the absorption of phosphorous and the synthesis o f B-complex vitamins  of the plants.

Contains: Amino chelate Boron (as B) -5%, pH-8-9

Specific Gravity: 1.10-1.23

Recommended Crops: Maltose BoroFol + can be used on variety of crops like Tomato, Cucurbits, Caulliflowers and Cabbage. Fruits Crops like Grapes, Apple, Mango. Field crops like Rice, Maize, Wheat and many other crops, Cash Crops, Spices and Condiments.

Dosage and Rate of Application:

Foliar application (from pre- flowering to post fruit set).

Dosage: 1-1.5ml/ltr water for Fertigation/Drip: (from transplanting or in any case at the onset of vegetative growth). Fruit, Vegetables, Ornamentals Dosage:1-2ltr/acre

Compatibility: Maltose Borofol+ is compatible with almost all pesticides and fertilizers, perform prior test in small quantity before mixing.

WARNING: It is not advised to mix  Maltose Borofol + with white or activated oils. In protected environments do not exceed 50 ml/100 litres of water or 0.5ml/ltr