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Bio NPK, Bio NPK is a Bacterial Consortium Which is able to fix Atmospheric Nitrogen, Solubilize phosphate and mobilize potash, Zinc and Silica into Available Form, There by supplementing balance nutrition to the crops. It converts non-available forms of some tightly bonded micro nutrients into available form.

NPK Ratio : 1:1:1

Method of application:

1.Fertigation Tank: 500 ml of bio NPK in 60 ltrs if water and apply through fertigation tank for 1 acre.

2.Soil Application: Mix  750 ml with 100 kg for FYM & apply basally as soil application.

3.Seedling root dipping :  Dissolve 250 ml in 10 ltrs of water and dip the seedlings. 


Store in cool Dry Place Always Keep out of children


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Satisfied Customer Reviews

23rd October,2019

I have used this product it has good result

14th May,2019

Good npk