Bio Agni Root Clear (Control of Root Fungus). Organic Mineral Certified Fungicide.
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Organic mineral fungicides

Bio Agni- Root Clear is organic approved organic mineral fungicide cum organic fertilizer which control maximum types of fungus as well as built immunity of the plant to fight against the fungus attack, which is combination of various natural organic matters, various plant extracts and animal extracts.

Bio Agni- Root Clear is an organic certified fungicide. Organic-mineral fungicides are a recent concept in which organic extracts and natural minerals used in a combination to control plant fungus and improve immunity of the plant to fight against fungal and viral diseases as well as act as plant food nutrients with zero plant residues.

Bio Agni- Root Clear is a very fungicidal fertilizer which control maximum types of fungus and improve plant immunity medically against fungal diseases and root fungus. Fungi constitute the largest number of plant pathogens and are responsible for a range of serious plant diseases. Most vegetable diseases are caused by fungi. They damage plants by killing cells and/or causing plant stress. Sources of fungal infections are infected seed, soil, crop debris, nearby crops and weeds.

Fungi are spread by wind and water splash, and through the movement of contaminated soil, animals, workers, machinery, tools, seedlings and other plant material. They enter plants through natural openings such as stomata and through wounds caused by pruning, harvesting, hail, insects, other diseases, and mechanical damage.

Bio Agni- Root Clear is rich in phosphorus and potassium so also act as great fertilizer for plants phosphorous, is essential for the general health and vigor of all plants. Some specific growth factors that have been associated with phosphorus are

  • Stimulated root development
  • Increased stalk and stem strength
  • Improved flower formation and seed production
  • More uniform and earlier crop maturity
  • Increased nitrogen n-fixing capacity of legumes
  • Improvements in crop quality
  • Increased resistance to plant diseases
  • Supports development throughout entire life cycle.


Potassium (k) increases crop yield and improves quality. It is required for numerous plant growth processes. How potassium works to increase crop yields:


  • Increases root growth and improve drought resistance
  • Activates many enzyme systems
  • Maintains turgor; reduces water loss and wilting
  • Aids in photosynthesis and food formation
  • Reduces respiration, preventing energy losses
  • Enhances translocation of sugars and starch
  • Produces grain rich in starch
  • Increases protein content of plants
  • Helps retard crop diseases


for all crops 2 gm per litre of water according to crop development stage. can be applied from nursery to harvesting

3 gm per litre of water for soil application through drip irrigation system or manual drenching.

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No.57/29, Kottai Main Road, Namakkal, Tamil Nadu 637001
Address of origin: No.57/29, Kottai Main Road, Namakkal, Tamil Nadu 637001

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