Greatindos Premium Quality Potassium Nitrate NPK 13:00:45 Fertilizer, Essential For Vegetable Growth. In Stock

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Greatindos Premium Quality Potassium Nitrate NPK 13:00:45 Hydroponic Fertilizer NPK fertilizers are fertilizers that contain the elements nitrogen (N),  and potassium (K), so you can see how they get the name NPK 13 00 45.

Why these elements? Well, each element has been found to improve the health and appearance of plants.

For example, Nitrogen is good at making the leaves grow. Potassium is great for overall plant health Oftentimes the soil the plants are growing in lacks some of these nutrients, so by adding them in as a fertilizer, plants do better.

NPK 13:00:45 fertilizer provides all the essential nutrients required by plant – Nitrogen (N), and Potassium (K). Nitrogen is essential for vegetative growth in stems and roots particularly during the early stages.

Potassium is essential for bud growth and ripening of fruits. The fertilizer is 100% water soluble

Dosage :- 5 Gram per liter of water