Bayer Monsanto Roundup Glyphosate 41% SL, For Killing all Weeds Non-Selective.
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Bayer Monsanto Roundup Glyphosate 41% SL

Brand - Monsanto India

Applicable Time Stage - 3 To 5

Chemical Composition: Glyphosate 41 SL

Dosage: 80-100 ml/pump or 800-1200 ml /acre

Method of Application: Spray

Spectrum: For killing all weeds (non-selective); use only when there is no standing crop

Compatibility: Compatible with sticking agents

Duration of Effect: 1 month of application

Frequency of Application: Depends on pest incidence or severity of the disease.

Applicable Crops: Tea, Non-Cropped Area

Extra Description: No need to mix salt in tank and compulsorily use clean water; Must be sprayed on weeds when there is sufficient moisture in the soil; must not be sprayed on a standing crop

Important Note: 
1. Read the herbicide label carefully and follow the direction on the label.
2. Use only a Flat fan or Cut nozzle for spraying any herbicide.
3. Wash the sprayer with clean water before and after spraying.
4. Use the proper dose as per recommendation. A high dose can lead to damage in crops and a low dose can lead to fewer results.
5. Mix the herbicide in small quantities (1-2 liters) or water first and then make the required volume with water (120-200 L/acre).
6. Use a minimum of 120 L of water in an acre for herbicide spraying.
7. Do not spray herbicide on windy and rainy days.
8. Judge the stage of crop and weeds in case of post-emergence application.
9. Store the herbicide in labeled containers and away from food materials and children.
10. Ensure proper moisture is there in the soil before the application of any herbicide.

Crop Stage: Sprayed only on bunds and borders of the field if there is a standing crop, and directly on the weeds in the orchard

Pickup Address: BHILWARA, RAJASTHAN, 311001
Central Avenue, Hiranandani Estate, thane, Maharashtra 400607
Address of origin: Central Avenue, Hiranandani Estate, thane, Maharashtra 400607

Satisfied Customer Reviews

14 Satisfied Ratings
18th May,2024

Awesome product

App developer    Verified Buyers
23rd March,2024

Maine ye herbicide nursary crop ke liye order kiya tha , muze iska result accha mila .

Baldev Thakur    Verified Buyers
11th September,2023

Result is very good

Kishore    Verified Buyers
28th August,2023

Got very fine result

Sri Lakshmi Agro    Verified Buyers
25th August,2023

Roundup is best

Bhanu    Verified Buyers
24th August,2023

Bayer name is enoguh

R C Nair    Verified Buyers
19th August,2023

The result of this product is very clear i took it to clear the weeds in my empty field the result is very good

Mahaveersuman    Verified Buyers
17th August,2023

Got good result

Thakur    Verified Buyers
12th August,2023

The results are amazing I use it to clear weeds from my vacant land

Sanjay Kurdkar    Verified Buyers
11th August,2023

Good results were obtained in tea crop

Tafajul    Verified Buyers
10th August,2023

Got very good result inside motha ( wedd)

Dharmendra    Verified Buyers
9th August,2023

The rusult is very good after using the roundup.

Benoy Joseph    Verified Buyers
9th July,2021

Used as per given dosage and getting a great results.

22nd May,2021