Bayer Curbix Pro Ethiprole 10.7% + Pymetrozine 40% WG Insecticide, Combination Insecticide Consisting of Ethiprole and Imidacloprid
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Company / Manufacture Bayer CropScience Ltd
Country of origin: India




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Technical name: Ethiprole 10.7% + Pymetrozine 40% WG

Ethiprole has a gamma butyric acid-regulated chloride channel, which acts on the central nervous system.

It has a high level of selective toxicity and thus cross-resistance is not likely.

Imidacloprid is antagonistic to the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor in the central nervous system, thus disturbing the proper signal transmission with the following excitation of nerve cells.

Consequently, a disorder of the nervous system leads finally to the death of the treated insect.

Immediate crop protection through permanent inhibition of the feeding system.

It paralyzes the hind legs of pests, results in dropping from plants & then pests die later from starvation.

Dosage : 170gm per acre

Pickup Address: Bareta, PUNJAB, 151501
Central Avenue, Hiranandani Estate, thane, Maharashtra 400607
Address of origin: Central Avenue, Hiranandani Estate, thane, Maharashtra 400607