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  • Barrix Housefly Domo Trap and Lures (1 Set Lure)

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    Housefly Trap and Lures

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House Fly dromo Trap is an Innovative, Patented,Research Based, Scientifically  Designed & Highly Effective Domo Trap for Housefly.

Musca domestica is also known as house fly or cosmopolitan pest. House fly have long been a noxious, nuisance pest and harmful to living organisms. 

These are good carriers of communicable diseases such as,

How many to use:

1 trap for every 300 sq.ft to 500 sqft. 
If the density of housefly population is more then the number of  traps can be increased.

How to use:

1. Cut open the Kairo Lure pouch and add contents to the base bowl, add 150ml of water and stir.
2. Squeeze the Phero Lure contents on the rims of perforated cone.
3. Place the applied Phero Lure cone on the collar. 
4. Now fit the transparent cap to the collar.
5. The assembled device can be placed on the ground or shall be hanged at the height of 1 to 2ft above the ground.
6. After the installation, monitor the trap everyday to know the population     density and trap filling level for emptying it.
7. If the trap is completely filled, empty it and clean with water 
8. Apply a fresh Barrix Catch Phero Lure and Kairo Lure.

Where to use:

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Satisfied Customer Reviews

18th February,2019

Best housefly trap, used it for my shop