Barrix Control Plant Growth Supporter, Easily Absorbed By The Plant, Contain Nitrogen
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About Barrix Control

Barrix Control is a novel combination of ingredients which works as a multi-action plant growth promoter and supporter. 

Mechanism of action:

As Physiological Activator:

  • EDTA is a chelating agent and mobilizes the metal ions like copper, zinc, iron, molybdenum etc., present in the soil, which are important and essential for the growth.
  • EDTA is easily absorbed by the plant
  • EDTA is a rich source of nitrogen.
  • EDTA is used as a sequestering agent of minerals sown into soil for slow release as nutrition, by promoting the growth of the plant.

Immunity Enhancer:

  • The plant produces p-hydroxy phenols for their internal immunity. 
  • Methyl paraben and Propyl paraben are the esters of  p-hydroxy benzoic acid belonging to the p-hydroxy phenols class, which are also synthesized naturally by plants.
  • These Methyl paraben and Propyl paraben provides the immunity to crop by inhibiting the growth and or multiplication of microbes.
  • There by enhancing the immunity of plant from various bacteria and fungi when absorbed internally.


  • EDTA due to its affinity towards bonding with monovalent, divalent, and tetra valent metal ions like ca++ and Mg++ ions which are present in the lipid bi-layered cell wall of bacteria and fungi.
  • This bonding destabilizes the cell wall of the bacteria and fungi which breaks the wall and makes the way for MP (Methyl Paraben) and PP (Propyl Paraben) to enter into the cell and preventing the growth of the microbe, thereby the microbe without growth it will die.
  • These ions stabilize the structure of outer membranes, by bonding the lipo polysaccharides to each other.
  • Tulsi alkaloids are naturally occurring compounds, whose action is synergistic in action and inhibit bacteria and fungi growth which causes Blast, Blight, Canker, Damping off, Dieback, Gall, Gummosis, Leak, and many more.


25%W/WDisodium ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid
25%W/WSodium methyl p-hydoxybenzoate (E219)
25%W/WSodium propyl p-hydroxybenzoate (E217)
25%W/WSodium nitrate (E251)

These ingredients are Pharma technicals which are completely synthesized from plants which are completely safe and eco-friendly, and when they enter in to soil they become fertilizer as they are absorbed by the plant and provide immunity from inside to the plant.


  • For every acre dissolve 100g in 300 liters of water
  • Spray on the foliar or pass it through the drip
  • Use 2 - 3 times with an interval of 15 days

Recommended Crops

  > Cereals, Fruits, Vegetables, Pulses, Oil Seeds, Plantation, and spice crops, Commercial crops, Floricultural and medicinal crops

Address of origin: rajkot, GUJARAT, 360001

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