Barrix Catch Vegetable Fly Trap Set, Pheromones Trap and Lure, Easy to assemble And Use. Imported Para Pheromone Lure, Bactrocera Cucurbitae
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About Barrix Catch Vegetable Fly Trap

Our Trap is a highly effective research-based scientifically designed which is Design Patent Protected. Easy to assemble and hook in every farm field. Easy in maintenance for removal of dead flies.

The container can hold 5400 Dead flies.

This product is a pest fly trap, which should be used with pheromones lure to attract and trap pests of the Bactrocera cucurbitae species of 226 subspecies (commonly known as Melon Fly), which is a major pest of high risk which causes pre-harvest damages, and this pest cannot be controlled by any pesticide.

We recommend farmers to use Barrix Catch Vegetable Fly trap along with Barrix Catch Vegetable Fly Lure while cultivating the following crops:

Fruits: Lemon, Orange, Jack Fruit, Passion fruit, Indian Almond, Kiwi fruits, Melons like Water Melon, Musk Melon, Pear Melon. 

Vegetables: Pumpkin, Cucumber, Chayote, Chillies, Capsicum, Tomato, Brinjal.Gourds like Bottle gourd, Ivy gourd, Bitter gourd, Snake gourd, Ash / White gourd, Gooseberry gourd (gherkins), Ribbed gourd, Sponge gourd, Peas like French Beans, Green Beans, Indian Peas, Pigeon peas.

Commercial crops: Sun Flower, Maize.

How To use Trap And Lure:-

1. Fix the Barrix Trap as shown in the diagram.
2. Hang at 3 to 5 ft from the ground level preferably under the shade after fixing the Barrix Catch Vegetable Fly Lure specially made for this trap.
3. Make sure the fixed lure doesn't oscillate and fall down by the wind.
4. After 15 days of trap placement add 1-2 drops of pesticides like Malathion / DDVP to the lure using an ink filler to reactivate the trap.
5. For prolonged harvest replace the Barrix Catch Vegetable Fly Lure piece once every 90 days.
6. Remove flies and lures from the trap box and bury it one foot below the ground or burn it.
7. This can be even used during the pre-harvest period for securing the yield.

Features Of Lure
1. 99% Purified, imported Para pheromone is used.
2. Lure Size (3cm x 5cm x 1.2cm)
3. 500% extra surface area for evaporation when compared to normally available.
5 (five) Times more potent.
6. Lures have field activity for 90 days and active round the clock.
7. Double pack one with metalized (aluminum lined) bag and LDPE bag to retain its potency till the expiry date.
9. 12 Months stable product.

Address of origin: rajkot, rajkot, GUJARAT, 360001

Satisfied Customer Reviews

3 Satisfied Ratings
27th September,2022

Good quality of your products

Lakhbir singh
23rd February,2021

This can be even used at pre-harvest period for securing the yield.

7th May,2020

I want barix catch trap , only pheramon tape

Debo Das Baishya