BACF Ceaxor Bacillus Contortia Fungal Repellent , Targets Fusarium wilt, collar rot, and fungal disease.
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Technical: Bacillus Contortia

Target Crops: Cumin, Cotton, Soybean, Groundnuts, all Vegetables, and all horticulture crops

Target Area:  Fusarium wilt, collar rot, and fungal disease

Mode of action:
It creates a zone of inhibition on the target site and produces a biological compound that prevents the spread of pathogenic germs

Increase peroxidase activity which induces plants immunity

Bacillus spp. is phosphate solubilizing bacteria (PSB); it has the capability of solubilizing organic phosphorus from insoluble compounds.

Dosage:- 1L in 1 bigha / 100 ML-200ML per 16L Pump

Surface Irrigation/Drip Irrigation – Mix 1L Ceaxor in 100 liters of water and drench the soil near the root and collar region up to 15 -20 cm depth (One Acre).

Foliar Spray – 100 ml in the pump (15 L)

Seed treatment – Mix 10 - 12 ml Ceaxor in 50ml water and applied on1 kg of seed for proper coating. Shades dry the seeds for about 20-30 minutes before sowing.

Seedlings treatment – Mix 500 ml Ceaxor in 50 liters of water then dip seedling roots for about half an hour in the suspension and transplant immediately.

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Pickup Address: Rajkot, GUJARAT, 360003
E-8 old marketing yard, rajkot ring road, Rajkot, Gujarat 360003
Address of origin: E-8 old marketing yard, rajkot ring road, Rajkot, Gujarat 360003

Satisfied Customer Reviews

3 Satisfied Ratings
28th January,2022

It have a excellent organic product have a best result in a wilt disease in a cumin crop.

Balwant singh
19th July,2021

Increase peroxidase activity which induces plants immunity

15th May,2021

Ceaxor is excellent fungal repellant. It inhibits the growth of fungus near by root zone. It solubilize Phosphate and make it available to plant.

Dr. Vishal Patel