Aqua HUMx, Treat Soil & Water Condition, All Trace Minerals, Fish and Shrimp Growth Booster for Aquaculture Natural Pond and Bio Floc from USA
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The Greatness of Humic and Fulvic:
In soil, it is mainly the humic acid fraction that is effective as the main component of humic substances, whereas fulvic acid seems to be of particular importance for the quality of water. They are soluble at all pH values, possess a strong binding and reactive capacity, and can easily be taken up by organisms. This makes them an excellent carrier for minerals, vitamins, trace elements, and metals. 

•    Absorb toxins, heavy metal elements, and Chemicals in water.
•    Improvement in soil quality.
•    Healing of fish stressed by medical treatments with Humic Substance.
•    Humic acid decomposed is a better carbon source Probiotic.
•  Improvement in condition, strength, and resistance to disease, wellness, and vitality of culture, particularly during transportation.
•    Improvement in growth and food utilization.

Key Points:
•    Enhances Growth.
•    Prophylactic Treatment.
•    Reduce Stress.
•    Suppress Infection.
•    Improves Soil.
•    Water Purification.
•    Resistance against Disease.
•    Heal from Ectoparasite.
•    Water purification.
•    Change soil quality in the bottom pond.
•    Shading, inhibits the growth of Moss.

General Instructions for Use:
•    Apply 10 Kg per Hectare evenly every month until harvest.
•    Apply 10-20 gm per Kg feed along with AQUA Probiotic HUMx.

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