Amutham Soil Booster (Best for Root Development) Fertilizer For Soil Application.
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Company / Manufacture Amuthalakshmi Agri Products
Country of origin: India




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Organic fertilizer for soil application

Amutham Soil Booster is an organic fertilizer for soil application, Amutham-action is a combination of various organic matters, organic carbon, organic n-p-k, and plant extract auxins.

Amutham Soil Booster is an organic fertilizer from all types of crops and easily dissolves in water, rich in plant organic content as well as a mineral elements such as organic nitrogen, potassium, and natural proteins.

Amutham Soil Booster a plant tonic when applied to a growing crop at the correct time, rapidly corrects nutrient deficiencies and generates stronger and healthier plants which improve plant development and help to optimize yield potential. It also acts as a chelating agent for soil nutrients. It is suitable for all crops and applications including field crops, vegetable and flower gardens, orchards, and turfgrass. Promotes balanced growth of crops, boosts the capacity of immunity and resistance, improves crop quality, and increases yield.

Amutham- Soil Booster has the following advantages

  • Improves the nutrient and micro-nutrient availability in the plant.
  • Increase branches, flowering, and fruiting.
  • Regularize photosynthesis and nitrogen absorption.
  • Converts maximum flowers in fruits.
  • Improves plant SAR (systemic acquired resistance).
  • Improves fruits size and texture.
  • Improves fruit keeping quality and test.
  • Increase harvesting period so more yield and weight.
  • It can be applied mixed with soil application fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides and used as soil application.



500ml - 1 Lt  Per Acre.

Can be applied through drip irrigation, fertigation system, or manual drenching.

Address of origin: NAMAKKAL, TAMIL NADU, 637001