Amutham Flower (Reduce The Flower Droppings and Increase The Fruit Setting)
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Company / Manufacture Amuthalakshmi Agri Products
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Amutham Flower is organic approved liquid fertilizer for flowering and fruit setting, which is combination of various natural organic matters, various plant extracts and animal extracts.

Amutham- Flower an organic fertilizer for flowering & fruit setting. It's a combination of organic zinc, calcium, plant extracts and organic nitrogen.

It provides sufficient flow of nutrients and formation of natural hormones required for flowering and fruit setting.

Fruit set is a term describing whether the flowers on a plant or tree convert flowers into fruits, avoid flower and fruit dropping.

To bring flowers, plant required timely availability specific hormones and nutrients Amutham –sett insure the same.

Also to convert flowers in fruits, pant required zinc and calcium to strengthen the bond between plant and flower/fruit, it can be achieved by organic calcium which one the main ingredient of Amutham- flower.

Fruit dropping generally happens due to zinc and calcium deficiency which can be avoided by Amutham-flower.

Amutham- Flower special delivers following advantages in plant.

• Increase in number of flowers per plant.
• Reduces flower and fruit drops.
• Convert maximum flowers into fruits.
• Prolong flowering and fruiting stage so more harvest.

for all vegetable and fruit crops 2ml per lit of water at the start of flowering stage to harvesting. Can be applied by soil application 4ml per lit of water

Address of origin: NAMAKKAL, TAMIL NADU, 637001