Agriventure Kheti Amrut (Npk Consortia) Nitrogen, Phosphorus And Potassium Bactericide Organic Product Bio Firtilizers
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Company / Manufacture R K Chemicals
Country of origin: India




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Kheti Amrut N. P. K . Biofertilizers Is A Mixture Of Mineral Contents Composed Of Primary Nutrients Nitrogen, Phosphorus, And Potassium Which Is An Essential Nutrient For Any Healthy Plant Growth. It Is Used For All Crops And Increases The Union Of Atmospheric Nitrogen Solubilizes The Unavailable Form Of Phosphorus, And Mobilization Of Potassium And Makes It Available To The Plants.

Target Crops: All Types Of Pulses And Oilseeds.

Direction For Use : Seed Treatment: Take 20 Ml Kheti Amrut Along With 30 Ml Of Water Mixed With 1 Kg Of Seed And Dry The Seed Under Shade Before Sowing Or Before 24 Hours Of Sowing.

Soil Treatment: Take 1 Lit. Of Kheti Amrut Along With Fym Or Carrier And Mix It Well. Broadcast The Content In 1 Acre Of Land Before The Last Ploughing.

Drip Irrigation: Mix 2.5ml Of Khet! Amrut Per 1 Liter Of Water.

Root/Set Treatment: Take 250m! Kheti Amrut Mixed With 4-5 Liters Of Water. Dip The Required Seeding As Early As Possible.

Caution: Store The Biofertilizer Bottle In A Cool And Dry Place. Avoid Direct Heating Or Sunlight On The Bio-Fertilizer Bottle. Shake Well Before Use.

Compatibility: Eco-Friendly And Non-Hazardous. Friendly With Bio-Fertilizers And Bio-Pesticides.

Don't Mix With Chemical Fertilizers And Pesticides.

Dose :- 1 Litter / Acer

Address of origin: Rajkot, GUJARAT, 360003