Global Polyplast Mulch Film, Mulching Sheet (1.2 Meter width x 400 Meters Length)
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Company / Manufacture Global Polyplast
Country of origin: India




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he Mulch Film is mainly used for Crops to restrain weeds, keep some pests away, and keep soil temperature cool. The most popular variant is Silver-Black mulch film. The upside of mulch colored in silver reflects sunshine preventing plants from pests. The black side of mulch downwards which can block the light, and restrain the growth of weeds.

Color: Black & Silver

It is Without Holl Mulch Film

Width: 1200 mm / 1.2 meter / 4 feet

Length: 400 meters

8 Roll per Acre

Advantages of using Mulch Films:

  • Saving in water consumption
  • Weed control thereby saving on labor cost
  • Pest control by 25%
  • Earlier flowering
  • Output increased
  • Better fruit size
  • Flower dropping is controlled during rainfall
  • Control of fungal diseases 
  • Reduces Evaporation: Soil water loss is reduced under plastic mulch. As a result, more uniform soil moisture is maintained and irrigation frequency can be reduced thus saving on water and energy too. The growth of plants on mulch can be twice that of plants in unmulched soil. Because larger plants will require more water, however, mulching is not a substitute for irrigation.
  • Early yields: The greatest benefits from plastic mulch film are that the soil temperature in the planting bed is raised, promoting faster crop development and earlier harvest. Black plastic mulch can give a harvest earlier by some 7-14 days, while clear plastic may advance the harvest date by 21 days.
  • Fewer Weed Problems: Black & White-on-black mulches will reduce light penetration to the soil. Weeds cannot generally survive under such mulch. Thus, saving on weedicide expenses.
  • Reduces Fertilizer Leaching: Excess water runs off the impervious mulch. Fertilizers are optimally used and not wasted.
  • Reduced Soil Compaction: The soil under plastic mulch remains loose friable and well-aerated. Roots have access to adequate oxygen and microbial activity is enhanced.
  • Root Pruning Eliminated: Cultivation is eliminated, except in the area between the mulched stripes. Weed growth in these areas can be controlled by cultivation or by the use of chemical herbicides.
  • Cleaner Vegetable Produced: The edible product from mulched crops is cleaner and less subject to rot since no soil is splashed onto the plants or fruit. To keep plants, clean, they should be grown in a raised bed that is firm and slightly convex, with the highest point down the center of the row, while the plastic should be stretched tight to encourage the run-off of water. There should be no puddles on the mulched beds.
  • Increases Growth: Mulch film is nearly impervious to carbon dioxide, which is necessary for photosynthesis. Research has shown that high levels of carbon dioxide may build up under the plastic because the film does not allow the gas to penetrate, it has to escape through the holes punched for the plants, and a "chimney effect" is created, resulting in abundant CO2 for the actively growing leaves.
  • Aids Fumigation: Mulches increase the effectiveness of chemicals applied as soil fumigants. Because of the impervious nature of the plastic mulch it acts as a barrier to gas escape and keeps gaseous fumigates in the soil nicely.
  • Reduces the Drowning of crops: Water is shed from the row area by the raised tapered bed so that excess water runs off the field, thus reducing drowning and other excess soil water stress.
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Address of origin: Garkheda, H No-08, S No-125, New Balaji Nagar, Aurangabad, Maharasthtra 431001