YaraTerra Krista K 13:00:45. A Fully Water Soluble Nitrogen and Potassium Fertilizer In Stock

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YaraTera KRISTA K (13-0-45) is a fully water-soluble nitrogen and potassium fertilizer. It is a free-flowing, fine crystalline powder that dissolves quickly in water without any residues. YaraTera KRISTA K is suited to application through all fertigation systems – drip systems, low throw sprinklers, center pivots, and spray units.

Product application advice

Apple: 2 foliar sprays at fruit development stage @ 7.5 g/litre water, at 10 days intervals.

Bananas: 211-260 days after transplant@ 50 kg/acre (1kg/day/acre)

Citrus: Apply KRISTA K (Soil Application) @10g/litre water (2 Foliar sprays at 15 days interval) in stage when fruit is around 2 cm in size. Apply KRISTA K (Ferigation) @25kg/acre (1 kg/day/acre) at Flowering Stage (20-45 days) @50kg/acre (0.8kg/day/acre) at Fruit Development Stage (76-135 days)

Coffee: Foliar Application (Per barrel) : Berry Development Stage @ 1Kg

Grapevines: 60 kg/acre (2 kg/day/acre) at 80-110 days after pruning

Onion: Apply KRISTA K (Fertigation)' @30kg/acre (1.5 kg/day/acre) , 36-55 days after transplant.

Pepper (field grown): For best results, apply Krista K 3 times : 1. 25 kg/acre (1 kg/day/acre) at 40-65 days after transplant. 2. 50 kg/acre (2 kg/day/acre) at 90-115 days after transplant. 3. 25 kg/acre (1 kg/day/acre) at 115-145 days after transplant.

Potatoes: For best results, foliar apply YaraTera KRISTA K @ 5g/liter water, 45-50 days after sowing

Sugarcane: Apply KRISTA K (Fertigation) @30kg/acre (1kg/day/acre) at after Planting stage (30-60 days) @30kg/acre (1kg/day/acre) at after Planting stage (151-180 days)

Tomato: Apply KRISTA K (Fertigation) @ 25 kg/acre (1 kg/day/acre) at 96- 120 days after transplant

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