YaraTera Deltaspray NPK 18:18:18, N 18% P2O5 18% K2O 18%, Fully Water Soluble Fertilizer.
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YaraTera Deltaspray 18-18-18 is a fully water-soluble NPK fertilizer with a balanced ratio of nutrients.

Due to its perfect physical properties, YaraTera Deltaspray fertilizers can be used in all types of fertigation systems, in various crops in the soil, and for foliar application.

YaraTera Deltaspray is generally compatible and can be mixed with commonly used pesticides, fungicides, and other fertilizers except those that contain Sulphur, Calcium, and Lead compounds.

YaraTera Deltaspray 18-18-18 is a general-purpose formula with a balanced nutrient ratio.

Product application advice

Apple: 2 foliar sprays at fruit-set stage @ 5 g/litre water at 10 days intervals.

Citrus: Apply DELTASPRAY (Fertigation) @ 45kg/acre (1.5 kg/day/acre) at Fruit Set Stage (46-75 days).

Coffee: Foliar Application (Per barrel): Berry formation Stage @ 1Kg.

Grapevines: 15 kg/acre (0.4 kg/day/acre) at 6-40 days after pruning.

Pepper (field grown): For best results, apply Deltaspray 18-18-18 2 times: 1. 50 kg/acre ( 2kg/day/acre) at 15-40 days after transplant. 2. 25 kg/acre (1 kg/day/acre) at 145-170days after transplant.

Spinach: For best results, foliar spray of Deltaspray @ 10 grams per liter of water at 35 and 45 days after sowing.

Sugarcane: Apply DELTASPRAY (Fertigation) @45kg/acre(1.5kg/day/acre) at 121-150 days after planting.

Tomato: Apply DELTASPRAY (Fertigation) @ 25 kg/acre (1 kg/day/acre) at 45-70 days after transplant @ 25 kg/acre (1 kg/day/acre) after every alternate picking.

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