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HIGH quality first generation pleurotus oyster mushroom spawn. 300 spawn could be used with 3 kg pasteurized straw yielding 3 kg mushrooms. Please acquire all prior knowledge regarding farming oyster mushrooms before placing order. Matured spawns could be stored in cool temperature for upto 30 days. Happy mushrooming.

simple organic mehtod for oyster mushroom farming

step 1: chop any organic substrate(rice straw,wheat straw,sugarcane,coconut,corn etc into fine one inch pieces)

step 2: boil the substrate in water for one hour to disinfect it or steam sterilize it.

step 3: then pour the substrate in clean surface for few hours until excess water goes away. don’t over dry,keep the moister.

step 4: break the spawn packet into fine grains and mix it to your straw substrate in ration of 10% of dry weight and fill it into pp plastic bags.

step 5: make 10 needle size small holes into your cylindrical bags and let it rest for next 15 days.dont spray water or do any thing.myclium shall run through out bag in this period.

step 6: after 15 days,make 5 finger size large holes into your bags and start spraying water twice a day . withing a week mushrooms will start growing.

step 7: spray water every day after harvesting for next two months you can enjoy mushrooms .

Oyster Mushroom Spawn, comes in poly pack of 1 kg bag, used to spread mycelium for 10 kg of dry substrate, can spread on wide verity of substrate such as husk, saw dust, organic waste agricultural waste,

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Satisfied Customer Reviews

Rahul Dangi
12th February,2020

very Good product, it's perfect, good packing.

Gulab singh
22nd August,2019

Good one..got good mushroom within 6 days.