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Wealth is a complex compound that has been developed from a rare natural resource called Sapropel – available in Russia and the Baltic region. The product is based on a unique patented technology that converts sapropel into a highly concentrated liquid growth enhancer which can be used in all types of agricultural crops

Sapropel is an extremely rich organic source of nutrients and minerals available in decomposed mud at the bottom of lakes in Russia

We provide our customers an excellent quality range of Sapropel-Based Fertilizer. Natural Sapropel – is a universal fertilizer that is applicable for all kinds of vegetables, fruit and berry crops.

High efficiency of sapropelic fertilizers is induced by Nature itself, as balanced combination of useful substances contributes to increasing contents of humus, nitrogen and trace elements in soil.

Sapropel as a plants growth natural biostimulant increases yields of grain by 10 – 30 %, of vegetables and root vegetables by 100 – 200% depending on the sort of soil and application dosage.


  • Increases crop yield
  • Improves the size, quality, and taste of produce
  • Improves the quality of soil
  • Increases plant resistance against pest, diseases and adverse weather conditions
  • Promotes deep root growth
  • Reduces the usage of NPK fertilizers
  • Decreases the harmful effects of pesticides on soil
  • Product taste and nutritional value is improved;
  • Product storage period is extended


  1. 200 ml of Wealth per 1 acre per spray
  2. 2 sprays are recommended for best results
  3. Dilution: 1 ml of Wealth in 1 liter of water
  4. Foliar spray or drip irrigation
  5. Can also be used for soil treatment, seed treatment, roots dipping, or vegetative cuttings treatment.


  • 1 ml mixed with 1 liter of water
  • One spray every 2 weeks


  • First spray: At new bud initiation stage
  • Second spray: After 30 days of first spray


  • 1 ml mixed with 1 liter of water
  • One spray every 3 weeks


  • First spray: At 3-4 leaves stage
  • Second spray: 15-20 days after first spray or at flower bud


  • First spray: At tillering stage
  • Second spray: Just before shooting

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9th May,2018

mproves the quality of soil,Increases plant resistance against pest, diseases and adverse weather conditions