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  • WANTRN® Insect Killer Device 39W for Commercial Flys and Insect Killer

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    Pest Control Machine

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  • Fast Action, Ultra Effective Fly Killer, Domestic or Professional Use. Fly Killer eliminates the nuisance caused by Flies, Wasps, Fly Ants and more
  • 8,000 Hour Lamp Life With A High Powered Killing Grid!
  • Wall Mounted or Free Standing - Hanging Chain Included
  • Removable Catchment Tray For Dead Insect Bodies, Easily Cleanable Without Insect Contact
  • Electric power: 39 Watts / Bulbs: Philips Tubes 2 Pcs 18 Watt blue colour UV bulbs (replaceable) 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty - Dimension (CM ) : L*B*H 65*10.8*30.3

High efficiently killing insects and flies Prevent unsightly and unhygienic flying insects from invading your workplace.The ultra violet light attracts the insects into the electrified grids where they are instantly killed.No harmful chemicals or pollutants enter your workplace. The long wave Ultra Violet Light is completely harmless to humans. Camping in the great outdoors means occasionally needing to keep the bugs away, and of course WANTRN has thought of this, with everything from gentle Mosquito Candles using citronella to keep bugs at bay, to the Mosquito Hitting Swatter battery-powered racket for zapping flying bugs, to the Bug Killer, quickly and cleanly in the house or whilst outdoors.

This efficient Mosquito bat does not have the drawbacks of choking smells and does not use any chemicals that may result in any environmental damage. Product : 1 Year Manufacture Warranty ( Except Tube Light ) Spare Tube is Available

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