BASF Vesnit Complete Selective Herbicide, A Complete Solution For Controlling Grasses and Broad Leaf Weeds In Sugarcane
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Vesnit® Complete (TOPRAMEZONE 10g/l + ATRAZINE 300g/l SC)

A complete solution for controlling grasses and broad leaf weeds in Sugarcane. 

Vesnit® Complete provides effective, long-duration, and reliable control of grasses & broad leaf weeds. It is a convenient ready-to-use formulation and also provides crop safety. 

How its works?

Vesnit Complete is a systemic post-emergence herbicide to control grasses and broad leaf weeds in Sugarcane. After application, it quickly absorbs by leaves, roots, and shoots of weeds and is translocated to growing points of weeds. It inhibits the activity of 4-Hydroxyphenyl Pyruvate dioxygenase enzyme resulting in the breakdown of chloroplast, It causes strong beaching activity on the growing shoots & without photosynthetic tisse weeds couldn't maintain further growth & dies.

Mode of action:

Synergy of the dual mode of action (HPPD Inhibitor + PSII inhibitor) brings superior performance & cross-spectrum control on a variety of grasses & broadleaf weeds 


Effective and reliable control of grasses & broad leaf weed

Longer duration control

Crop safety 

Convenient ready-to-use formulation 

Product application information

Target WeedDosage/Application RateWater VolumeWhen & How to Apply?PHI
Grassy & Broad leaf weeds 1.2 Litre per Acre  150 -200 Litre water per AcreAt 2-3 leaf weed stage or 2-3 inch height of weeds.
At the right soil moisture conditions, prepare a stock solution of 1.2 L to be used in 10 knapsack pumps.  
With the help of the Cut Nozzle, apply this stock solution uniformly in the field with the help of 150-200 L water per acre.
268 Days
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Address of origin: Plot No.12, TTC Area, Thane Belapur Road, Turbhe, Navi Mumbai 400705