BASF Tynzer Topramezone 33.6 % SC , Starts Work Immediately , Control Weeds From Roots , Use With Combination of Flux And Outright For Best Result Out of stock

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    How it works?

    Tynzer® is a selective Herbicide for corn with Topramezone, Once applied, Tynzer® gets absorb through roots and shoots of the weeds and it starts working immediately.  Weed's stop taking nutrient from soil and in10 to 12 days it controls weeds from roots.  Always apply in combination of Flxu and Outright for better efficacy on weeds.  

    Application method

    Tynzer®  should be applied when Narrow leaf weeds are at 3 to 5 inch height and Broad leaf weeds at 3 to 4 leaf stage. Make sure there is good moisture in soil at time of application and no rainfall is predicted in next 2 to 3 Hr.   

    For application in 1 acre , prepare a stock solution of 30ml Tynzer® and 500g Flux in 9.5 Lit clean water, add 1 lit of this stock solution in 16 lit capacity Knapsack spray pump tank and add 30 ml Outright directly in to tank. For 1 acre use 10 suck pump. 

    • You will get Flux free with Tynzer®
    • It is must to use herbicide application nozzles like flat fan for application of Tynzer®. 
    • Kindly use the personal protection gears while handling and application of Tynzer®.