Seagrow Rose , Potassium Rich Organic Fertilizer, Promotes Abundant And Beautiful Blooms, Contain Micro Nutrients For Best Performance
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Company / Manufacture Saosis Biotech Private Limited
Country of origin: India




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Product Description:

It is a Potassium rich organic fertilizer.  Seagrow Organic Rose Fertilizer gives plants the nutrients they need to develop lush foliage, abundant blooms, and also high yields. It promotes abundant and beautiful blooms. It is formulated with important micro nutrients for maximum plant performance which improves disease resistance. Contains time released nitrogen for extended feeding.

Organic rose fertilizer improves the quality of the soil and consists of those nutrient which are very essential for rose plantation.  SEAGROW ® ROSE follows proper N-P-K ratio as required by Rose plants. As a result, SEAGROW ® ROSE organic rose fertilizer is an excellent way to add specific nutrients particular to a plant’s needs.


Product Benefits:

  • Organic, Natural, High Potassium content fertilizer for Roses
  • Promotes Lush Foliage, Abundant Blooms, and High Yields
  • Formulated with Important Micro Nutrients for maximum plant performance
  • It improves Disease Resistance
  • Contains Time Released Nitrogen for Extended Feeding
  • Specially formulated to provide nutrients for Ever Blooming and Repeat Blooming Varieties
  • Easy to Use and Eco Friendly


  • Compatible Plant Type:  All Types of Rose Plants
  • Fertilizer Type: Dry,Granular
  • Fertilizer Feature: Water Soluble
  • Longevity: 2 Years
  • Organic: Yes
  • Season Use: All Season
  • Time Release: Slow Release


Natural source of bio micro nutrients & bio active matters

Application Procedure:

DOSE: It is a water soluble fertilizer, mix 1 gm/ L of water and spray on the leaves every once in 10 days or put 5 gm/10 inch pot near the root of the plant every 10 days.

NOTE: .This is a balanced plant food do not mix with other plant foods.

Address of origin: Kolkatta, WEST BENGAL, 700126