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    NPK Liquid Biofertilizer

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No Loss in plant growth promoting activities, even on long storage.

A mixed fertilizers gives better impact. Highly effective and can be used in different types of soil.

Maintains soil health and keeps soil biologically active.

A cell count of 109 far exceeding the current market standards.

It has been field tested by IARI in Model Villages of IARI, Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) ,State Agricultural Departments, and also in various Indian states on Rice, Wheat and Vegetables etc. with excellent results.

PRITHVI NPK is 100% organic and far superior than vermin-compost fertilizer.

A 100 mL of PRITHVI NPK can provide 25-30 Kg of Nitrogen per Ha, 20-25 Kg P2O5, and 15-20 Kg Potassium thus reducing the cost of Inorganic Fertilizer. It improves the soil productivity and its usage ensures the reduction in use of Inorganic Fertilizer in future. The yield increases usually range around 10-35 %.

Successful Field Trials over vast regions, ensure and establish the productivity of PRITHVI NPK.

Application in crops:

Can be used for cereals, millets, pulses, vegetables, fiber and oil producing commercial crops. Suited for soils with pH in the range of 6.5 to 8.5

Dose and Application: 100 ml per acre or 250ml per hectare.

For seed application: For treating seed for one acre, mix 100 ml NPK liquid BF in 1000 ml water. Sprinkle over seeds and mix to get uniform coating of LBF over seeds. Dry in shade prior to sowing.

For seedling Application: In case of transplanted crops, prepare a suspension of inoculant by mixing 200ml of NPK inoculant with 1.5 liters of water. Dip seedling roots in the suspension before transplanting in one acre of land.

For orchard trees: In case of drip irrigation adjust volume of inoculant based on number of trees to be inoculated. The inoculant used per tree is 10ml.

For Flood Irrigation: 500ml of inoculant is required per acre

Our product is covered under FCO vide AL-BIO-10/2017.

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