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  • PONA POTASH - 1 Ltr

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*Reduces cost of potash application by 30-40%

*Tolerates a wide range of soil pH and temperature

*Suitable to apply for all crops

*Improves crop growth and yield by 20-30%

*Compatible with other bio-fertilizers

*Maintain turgor for strong structure build cellulose and reduces lodging

* Aid in photosynthesis and food formation, enhance translocation of sugars and starch  & produce grain rich in starch

 *Reduce water loss and wilting, also reduce respiration, preventing energy losses.

*Increase protein content of plants

*The bacteria helps to mobilize the insoluble form of potassium for crop growth at a faster rate. 70% of insoluble potassium is made available to the crops/plants within 25 days.

Dosage - 1 Ltr Per Acre or 10-20 ml Spray on plant wise application


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20th November,2018

pona potash , good product