NanoBee BEE Micro Smart Crop Nutrition, Unique Colloidal Nano Minerals, Combination of Primary, Macro And Micro Minerals
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BEE-MICRO-Smart Crop Nutrition -Unique Colloidal Nano Minerals (A Nanotechnology Product)

  • BEE-MICRO is a specially formulated unique combination of primary, macro and micro minerals in Colloidal Nanometer form embedded in Protein Hydrolysates and encapsulated by Biopolymers.

  • Colloidal Nano minerals do not have to undergo disintegration and dissolution as a result they have enhanced absorption capability.

  • BEE-MICRO is in the form that is absorbed by the amino acid transport system and delivered in bio-assimilable form similar to that required for absorption in plants.

  • When applied it vitalizes crop growth and makes them healthier and greener. It also improves crop immune system against pest and disease attack and increases fertility in plants.

  • Increases the levels of energy, water and nutrient holding capacity. Enhances abiotic stress tolerance in plants and meets the demands of high yielding varieties

  • BEE-MICRO is a perfect solution for fulfilling the need of trace elements for the plants and improves the crop health.

  • BEE-MICRO is an eco-friendly formulation, 100% biodegradable, bioavailable and residue-free and does not harm pollinators, natural predators and beneficial insects.

For All Crops


  • 2ml per Liter of water through foliar spraying.

  • Repeat application every 15 to 20 days.

  • Shake well before use.

  • Time of spray: At early morning or late evening.

Active Ingredients: Nano Zinc 1.5%, Nano Iron 1.25%, Nano Copper 0.25%, Nano Manganese 0.5%, Nano Potassium 1%, Nano Magnesium 0.25%, Nano Boron 0.25%, Nano Molybdenum 0.05%, Nano Sulphur 0.25%

Compatibility: Do not mix with any other product.

Pickup Address: Rajkot, GUJARAT, 360024
28/A Swastik Industrial Park, Near Shitla Mata Temple, Beside Repute Food gate, Rajkot-Gondal Highway, Rajkot, Gujarat 360024
Address of origin: 28/A Swastik Industrial Park, Near Shitla Mata Temple, Beside Repute Food gate, Rajkot-Gondal Highway, Rajkot, Gujarat 360024