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Milky mushroom is also known as summer Mushroom ,is a long sized, white and attractive Mushroom of India.           

Step by step procedure for cultivation milky Mushroom.

  1. Firstly the paddy straw should be chopped of sized 4- 5 cm.
  2. The plastic drum(220lts) should be filled with 100 liters of water.
  3. 250 ml of formaldehyde and 2tsp of carbendazim should be mixed thoroughly in the water.This is to sterilize the straw. ( you can also sterilize the straw by immersing it in water which should be maintained at a temperature of 80 – 90 degrees centigrade for2 hours)

4. Then the straw should be dipped in the  Prepared solution such that               straw should be completely immersed in the water. Placing a hard rock     or equivalent weight over the straw will help to do so.

       5.The top opening of the drum should be Closed with a rope and should                      be placed under shade, undisturbed for 18 to 20hours.

        6.After18-20hrs the plastic sheet must be Replaced with a cotton cloth                        in order to Remove the water by inversing  the drum must be kept
          undisturbed for 2 hours.

        7.In the next step you need to clean the Tarpaulin and the wet straw has
           to be dried such that the moisture level In the straw should be around 60%.

        8. The dried substrate (paddy straw) must be filled in the plastic bags
            and layer Wise spawning must be done. The total weight of the constructed              bed must be around125gms.(5%of the substrate weight)

       9.Holes must be made randomly all over the cover in order to supply
            fresh air to the mycelium.

       10.The constructed bed must be placed in the dark room or spawning
            room for 20days, which should be maintained at a temperature between
           28 – 35  degrees centigrade.

       11.in this process , on the 10th day we need to sterilize , the soil
            and kept aside for casing which has to be done on 21st to sterilize ,
            the soil about 75kgs must be mixed with 3 kgs of chalk powder
            and solution of water(100ml of formalin and 2 tsp of carbendazim in1lrof                    water)

       12.On the 21stdaywe need to spread the sterilized soil over the
            chopped bed. it should be left undisturbed for 24hrs.

       13.From the next day the soil must be frequently sprayed by the water, 
             whenever required.

       14.10 days after the casing ,the pinheads rise above the soil.
            We should  harvest the mushroom of required size and grading should be                done. the fresh mushroom can be sent to markets for sale.


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16th February,2019

Very nice spawn, all my crop look good

9th March,2019

very nice mushroom spawn

7th July,2019

Excellent Quality. Grows fantastic...Thanks to seller...

4th December,2019

well product , good seeds

12th December,2019

product quality is amazing ,a bit high price but quality is really good