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Ampoxcilin is chelated multi micronutrient and it is the perfect complement toNPK fertilizer.

It is useful for prophylactic and curative treatment of micro nutrient deficiencies in intensive crop and field crops.

The formulation of these products takes into amount the subsequent combinations with fertilizers occurring in Imperganation and foliar applications.

This prevents precipitation, therefore avoiding clogging the irrigation system and atomizers.

It contains Homogeneous free flowing microgranules rapidly and completely soluble in water.

It ensures rapid uptake and protection from premature fixation.

Composition:- Zn- 5.0% ,Fe - 4.0% , Mn - 2.5%, Cu- 0.8%, B - 1.5%, Mo - 0.1%, MgO - 2.0%


FOLIAR SPRAY - 1.25gms in 1 litre water by spray (250gms in 200 litres water per acre)

DRIP - 2.5gms in 1 litre water (500gms in 200 litres of water per acre)

First dose recommended to be sprayed 10 days after transplanting.

For Best Results - Repeat dose every 15 days.

Legal Disclaimer - For agriculture and Gardening use only. The product is beyond our control hence we are not responsible for any damage.

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Satisfied Customer Reviews

Vaibhav Das
25th October,2018

It is a kind a power booster for plants i am using ampoxcilin on tomatoes and found huge difference in its growth and quality. very much thankful to the shamrock team to guide me and provided me prompt services