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  • 8%
  • LiquiGold N Organic Liquid fertiliser 1 litre

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    Organic Liquid fertiliser

  • 1.00 Litre
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Suitable Plants : Every plant and crop need Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous ( P ) and Potassium ( K ) at different stages of life cycle of plant in different proportion. Maintain the ratio of N, P and K in 4:2:1 manner.

How Nitrogen ( N ) Helps : Nitrogen is broadly associated with the growth of plant. Nitrogen is also a vital nutrient in chlorophyll which allows plants to carry out photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is a process by which plants absorb and use solar energy necessary for all vital biological process. Nitrogen is a significant nutrient to produce amino acid. Nitrogen is also found in plant protein and hormones. In a broad view nitrogen is very essential for plants growth and to generate energy from solar rays. Role of nitrogen start after healthy root forming.

When to apply : During the land preparation and during the growth of plant after roots are formed. It is recommended to supply nitrogen after 10-15 days from the application of phosphorous. If the life cycle of plant is longer than 1 month then repeat the application of LiquiGold N after every 15 days.

Dose : 500 Ml / acre.

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