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  • LiquiGold Pure - Organic Liquid Fertiliser 500 Ml

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    Liquid Fertilizer

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    500.00 Ml
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    EneRon Engineering

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"LiquiGold Pure is a source of primary nutrients such as Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) as well as secondary nutrients such as (Fe), (Zn), (Cu) and (Mn) in liquid form.

Nutrients are in available form as soon as the fertiliser is applied. The LiquiGold is easy to apply through foliar application as well as drip irrigation process. It is also possible this fertiliser by drenching method.

LiquiGold promotes the white root growth and ultimately the growth of plant. It also increases the organic carbon in soil and maintain the PH level of soil. LiquiGold is enriched with Humate substances and rock phosphate to deliver maximum nutrients."

"Suitable Crops :- All Crops

Dosage :- 50 Ml for 15L spray pump, 2 Ltr for Acre, 10 Ml for tre

Repetition :- Twice in plant cycle, thrice in 6 months for tree

How to use :- Drenching, Foliar spray, Drip irrigateion"

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Satisfied Customer Reviews

2nd July,2018

If applied through foliar application, it acts as insect and bugs repellent. There are no side effects of LiquiGold whihc makes it safer for farmers as well as end user.