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  • Jeevah Soluble Humate Granules 5 Kg

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    Organic Soluble Humate Granules

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    Ponalab Biogrowth private LImited

  • 1560.00

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JEEVAH organic soluble Humate Granules are made using a unique Micro-Quad filtration process that ensures total solubility.


> When applied directly to soil, humic acid is a powerful fungi promoter, a nitrogen stabilizer and phosphate complex agent.

> Along with their natural chelating and complexing properties, the ability of humates to increase permeability of cells can improve nutrient uptake by up to 40%.

> Jeevah can also buffer pH and reduce the effects of excessive elements (e.g. sodium), toxic chemicals and heavy metals.

> Jeevah can balance your C:N ratio and provide a conducive environment in which soil microbial life can flourish.

> Jeevahare the only known substance with the ability to hold onto every other nutrient in the soil which enables heightened nutrient absorption.

> With a good Cation exchange capacity(CEC), humates in Jeevah  also aid in moisture and nutrient retention.

> Jeevah  improve soil structure by promoting fungi to create a crumb structure for better water and oxygen intake and improved root penetration

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