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  • Imuen 5 Ltr - Growth and Imuunity Booster

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    Growth Promoter Plus Immunity Booster

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    5.00 Litre
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Application1st Foliar application before flowering

2nd Foliar application in fruiting stage.
BenefitsEnhance Immunity, Pest repellent, checks flower dropping.

Helps to give immediate plant development boost at the time when it matters most in the vegetative stage.

Helps to give maximum trace minerals bioavailability through leaf, stem, seed and root.

Reduces immature dropping of flowers, vegetables & fruits. Increases maturity & improves quality.

Improves post harvest storage life of vegetable and fruit.

Decrease the pesticide use by 30-40%.
Benefits of crops yieldStimulating the root formation and enhancing the absorption of more micronutrients from the soil.

Imuen helps the plant to express more flowering and induces more number of fruits.

Reducing immature fruit drop and enhances fruit size and quality.

Promoting vegetative growth in plants and thus helps in vegetable plant cultivation.

Minimize the use of pesticides & fertilizers by 40%.

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9th March,2019

delivery achi mili

4th September,2019

best results when using as foliar spray