ICLAIM - Emamectin Benzoate 5% SG Insecticide, Best For Boll Worms, Suit Borer and Thrips.
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Company / Manufacture INDICHEM
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ICLAIM is a naturally derived product that does no harm to beneficials. It boasts a different mode of action which is needed in growers' crop programs to maintain crop value.


Active Ingredient: Emamectin benzoate

Formulation: Water Soluble Granules

Mode of Action:

ICLAIM® demonstrates a unique physiological mode of action reducing potential cross-resistance to other classes of chemistry. It acts on the nerve cells to suppress muscle contraction thus inhibiting the larvae from feeding within hours providing rapid crop protection.ICLAIM® maintains control of a range of larval insects by contact activity with wet residues, but predominantly by ingestion activity. It acts directly with the larvae but exterminates them when still inside the egg, thus increasing the speed of activity and residual control.

ICLAIM® is considered biologically selective for some beneficial species due to lack of intrinsic toxicity and a mode of action mainly via ingestion rather than contact activity.

ICLAIM® is ecologically selective to a wide range of beneficial species due to the rapid breakdown of the active ingredient thus limiting contact activity to a very short period.

Main Benefits of Using ICLAIM®:

ICLAIM® has a unique physiological mode of action, reducing the possibility of cross-resistance to other chemicals.

ICLAIM® stops Lepidoptera feeding within hours of ingestion, preventing subsequent crop damage.

ICLAIM® is currently the most potent active ingredient available against key Lepidoptera pests, providing the highest efficacy at the lowest rates.

ICLAIM® kills larvae even within the egg before hatching, increasing residual activity.

ICLAIM® allows beneficial to extend residual control as alternative modes of action making ICLAIM® ideal for integration into biological control programs.

Dosage : 30 gram / 16 Litre Spray

Crops : It can be use in Cotton, Okra, Cabbage, Chilli, Brinjal, Redgram, Grapes, Chick pea and tea.

Disease : Boll worms, Fruit and Suit borer, thripes, mites, Pod borer, tea loopers and others.

Address of origin: AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT, 382445

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29th January,2021

Very good result i get in brinjal crop. Thanks

Chirag Patel