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    Pleurotus ostreatus | Mushroom Seed

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Grey Oyster Mushroom Spawn, comes in poly pack of 1 kg bag, used to spread mycelium for 10 kg of dry substrate, can spread on wide verity of substrate such as husk, saw dust, organic waste agricultural waste.

  • Contamination free product.
  • 100% organic.
  • Can be used on wide range of substrate.
  • Eack poly-bag weighs approximately 1 kg.
  • Grain Spawn


Mushroom cultivation is so simple, You can cultivate this indoor.

1) At first you have to crop some paddy strow then you have to boil it 10 to 20 minute.

2) After that you have to spread the strow on the floor. when the extra water gets reduce then you have to mix the Oyster Mushroom Spawn and pull it into a polythin(PP) bag.

3) At last make 14 to 18 holes in polythin(PP) bag & Hung it 30 days.

4) After 25 to 30 days whole polythin will become white colour & mushroom will grow from polythin holes

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Satisfied Customer Reviews

yogendra kumar patel
9th January,2019

mujhe oyster masroom ka beej chahiye

7th February,2019

good quality grey oyster mushroom spawns.im growing

19th June,2019

excellent mushroom seeds satisfied your services

12th December,2019

excellent product. by following instruction given in description you can get the best results