Utkarsh Sil-Spread (Silicon Based Non Ionic Adjuvant), Effective silicon-based non-ionic spray adjuvant In Stock

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• Sil-Spread is recommended to use through spray as well by drip irrigation, Sil – Spread is an effective silicon-based non-ionic spray adjuvant. It can be used effectively in all seasons & for all types of crops.
• Sil-Spread is useful for faster & enhanced spreading while spraying of agrochemicals.
• Because of the addition of Sil- Spread in the spray solution, the spray solutions get fast penetrated in the plants making the spray solution rainfast and due to this, the maximum benefit of spray solution observed.
• Sil-Spread can be used effectively with all types of agrochemicals viz. Insecticides, fungicide, Herbicide, Water-soluble Fertilizer micronutrient, and certain plant growth promoters, etc by spraying as well as with drip and flood irrigation.


  • For spraying: 0.25 to 0.40 ml/liter water
    By drip irrigation 200-400 ml/acre