GACIL Micronutrient Mixture Liquid Fertilizer Growth Promoter for Garden Plants, Lawns & Farm Crops
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  • All in one for every plant,s needs. Improves flowering and maximizes fruit formation. Suitable for soil , spray & drip application. Slowly releases nutrients for almost a month keeping the soil nourished
  • Because of its liquid form, intake of the nutrients by plants or trees is expedited. It can be used for home or fields.
  • Advantages of liquid fertilizer are its more rapid effect and easier coverage. Enhances plant growth and protects from pests and diseases.this is the only and much needed one for plants and crops,with our unique formula each of the element present in our fertilizer plays pivotal role targeting roots, foliage, flowers, trees, shrubs, houseplants & fruits/vegetable generically & doesn't limit itself to a particular plant or tree.
  • Do normal watering of plants on other days. Plants will grow up greener, with more flowering. Keep bottom drain hole open for house plants, to prevent water logging. Roots need oxygen too. Noticeable results are fast - generally after 3 weeks. Please have patience - results surely come.
  • Spray & drip application: mixing ratio: 6-7 gm in 1ltr of water. Soil application: apply 4 to 5 gram powder directly near roots. For better result repeat application in 20-25 days intervals.
Address of origin: Adalaj, GUJARAT, 382421