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EnViro is the Phloem Friendly Botanical Virucide ,Very Effectively Controls Following Viral Diseases

Papaya –“Ring Spot Virus”, Mirch (Chilly)-Leaf Curl Virus & ”Gemini Virus”,Tomato-“Spotted Wilt Virus

”Mosaic Virus etc..Melons-“Squash Mosaic Virus”Etc…


Present Concept , uprooting and destroying the virus affected plants is totally over ruled by ENVIRO +

IMMUNO Regular sprays on infected plants helps in taking 30-50% marketable crops from infected

plants. Only Herbal Based Anti virus in the world can be used to preventive and curative action,


EnViro Mode Of Action:-


EnViro enters the plant through the stomata opening and translocate into the plant system through the

vascular bundles. EnViro enters the effected plant cell encapsulates the viron particles.

It reduces the separation of viron particles in protein and Nuclei particles.

In healthy plants EnViro forms protective layer under the cuticle and the damaged tissues stopping the

entry virus in the plant cell system.


Application Method


Curative 2 Sprays at 4 days interval & then repeat the spray for every 15 days...

Preventive Spray at every 15 Days, Repeat every 15 Days..

Dosage:- 5Ml / Ltr of water.

Application Method :- Foliar Spray.


Recommended Crops


Papaya –“Ring Spot Virus”, Tomato – “Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus” Chillys-Gemini Virus &

Leaf Curl Virus, Water Melons & Mask Melons-Squash Mosaic Virus.

Brinjal-Mosaic Virus, Tobacco, Beans, Cucumbers, Okra –Mosaic Virus, and Black gram

Mosaic Virus and all other vegetable, fruits, flowers, spices, plantation (Tea, Coffee) crops

can be effectively controlled by ENVIRO.


Packing :-500ml, 1Ltr( other bulk packaging is available on demand).



Acorus calamus.

Eclipta Alba.

Datura metal.

Holy basil.

Boer Diffuse.

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Satisfied Customer Reviews

24th October,2019

in my tomato plant there is Spotted Wilt Virus and i had used so many medicines but there is no result at all than i have used enviro and i am really impressed with result

3rd January,2020

there was virus in my chilli i have used this now it is recovering.Thank you agribegri

8th January,2020

In my papaya plant there is spotted ring spot virus and I have used enviro. It is recovering. Good product. Thank you agribegri