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Product Details

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  • E’CHAR (E CHAR Pest Controller) 250 ml

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    Eco Friendly Pest Controller

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    250.00 Ml
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E’CHAR is the very Rare combination of Eco friendly Sucking Pest , Combination of Vegetable oils prepare for solvent based.

E’CHAR Cyto is 100% Effectively Controls of Sucking pest especially on followed pest : 

Aphids(Winged & Wingles), Thrips, Jassids, Green Hoppers, Green Leaf Hoppers, White Flys, Scales and Melay Bug some extent Mild Infestation of Mites.


> E’CHAR Very effectively Works with in 24-48 against above mentioned sucking pest.

> E’CHAR Mode of Action Blocks the spiracles of the insects killing them by suffocation.

> E’CHAR Mode of Action on Eggs prevents Gas Exchange through the Egg membrane

> E’CHAR Disturb and Disrupts the Membrane Un couples oxidative phosphorylation.




Saturated Mixed Oil-80%

(Vegatable oil,Cotton Seed oil)

Aqua Media-15%



Recommended Crops:-


Vegetables :-Chilli’s,Tomato’s, Brinjal, Bhendi, Capsicum, Melons, Bitter gourd, Ridge Gourd

Suitable for all crops like Paddy, Cotton, Chilly, Groundnut, Potato, Cumin, Fennel, all vegetables,

flowers , :-Rose, Jasmine, Chrysanthimum, Marigold,Lillis Etc..

Cereals, pulses, oilseeds and all other

Horticulture crops:-. Papaya ,Banana,Pomegranate,Citrus,Mango,

Crops:-Paddy,Sugar cane,Maze ,Etc…

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20th May,2019

used for my garden of rose