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  • ZAENA Defoliator Controller 1 litre

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    Defoliator Controller

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    Zaena Bio Private Limited

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> Defoliators feed on the leaves of Plants and trees.

> Defoliation may cause loss of most or all of the foliage, and thus stunt the growth.

> Besides the direct damage associated with defoliating insects, the physiological stress on the plant/tree that these insects cause can predispose the plant/tree to attack by other insects and diseases.

> Zaena s Defoliator controller is an entomopathogenic fungus.

> The spores of this fungus when come in contact with the skin of target insects, they germinate and grow directly through the skin to the inner body of their host.

> The fungus proliferates throughout the insect s body, draining the insect of nutrients, and eventually killing it in around 3 days.

Suitable for: Cereals - rice, wheat, millet, vegetables - bean, black-eyed pea, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, carrot, cucumber, eggplant, melon, mustard, onion, parsnip, pea, pepper, potato, radish, spinach, squash, tomato, turnip, rose and other flowering shrubs including camellia and hibiscus.

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Satisfied Customer Reviews

Shahil upadyay
11th August,2018

Zaena s Defoliator controller is an entomopathogenic fungus.